How do i use Wild Branch products?

Our products are meant to be used as is, a teaspoon or tablespoon at a time, as a quick snack or energy boost, or used as ingredients in cooking, baking, or cocktails. The sky is the limit with Wild branch products, they turn everything into something a little better.


What does the term "nutrient dense" mean?

Regenerative farms are builders of soil and nutrients within the foods they grow, this is done by adding minerals, cover crops, and using appropriate growing methods to create foods that are higher in nutrient density , and therefore tasting better. We use a refractometer, and other analysis tools on the farm and in the lab and kitchen to measure the nutrient density of our ingredients and products to ensure optimum flavor and effectiveness.


How much do i use?

While we do offer recipes for using our products, and nutritional info on our packaging, we cannot tell any, one person how much to use as all of our bodies are different and will react in a myriad of ways depending on your own physiology. The key phrase we use is " Like all things healthy, less is more" this means start using small amounts and go for subtle flavors and uses, then gradually add more or less as needed or desired... 


Are all of Wild Branch ingredients certified organic?

While many of our ingredients are grown on certified organic farms, many are grown using methods that are "Beyond Organic" and incorporate biodiversity, pollinator paths, and other ecologically regenerative methods and techniques. We always source from reputable growers, that we have personal relations with, and this gives us the certainty that our ingredients are the highest quality available. 


What do your ingredients do?

Our ingredients taste great and feel great once they are in your body. We cannot tell you what our ingredients do, because everyone is different and their bodies react different based on their location, mood, time of day, and many, many other factors. We encourage you to do your own research, consult a physician or herbalist, listen to your body, and be your own best health ally.