Our Ingredients

We use nutrient dense, raw, and organic ingredients in all of our products. Many of our ingredient are sourced directly from our associated farms that use regenerative and organic practices.

You can be assured that if an ingredient isn't direct from one of our farms or forests, its going to be sourced from the best certified organic growers and producers in the region, or world.  


Maple Syrup

Our maple syrup comes from 7th generation sugar makers in vermont and is the best tasting and nutrient dense sugars straight from the Maple tree. This lovely syrup deftly holds the flavor and constituents of many herbs, roots, and blossoms, and is our signature medium for bringing you. We make infusions and  extracts in maple so you can enjoy their benefits without alcohol as a snack, flavoring, or great addition to many cooking adventures.


Raw Honey

All of our honey is raw and contains traces of pollen, bees wax, propolis and much more. We source from solely Northwoods Apiaries in Northern Vermont because of the quality of its flavor and the experience of the bee keeper. Our honey is never heated over 115 degrees ton preserve its integrity and can be found in our oxymel syrups, most notably our Elderberry syrup.


Apple Cider and Apple Cider Vinegar

Apples are such an amazing source  of food and nourishment. We use Certified Organic  ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) for its nutritional benefits, and to preserve the long term integrity of our Oxymels.

Our fresh Cider is the life blood of fall in the northeastern US and Canada and we have been making cider for many years now. It makes great infused jellies, and syrups that can be used for pizzas, appetizers, glazes, cocktails, and much more.