Frequently asked questions


There are chunks in my elderberry syrup, is this normal?

The "chunks you can see are elderberry pulp left over from the juicing process that we choose to leave to boost the phytonutrient levels in our syrup. This pulp, may discolor, but is full of anthocyanins, and polyphenols and is nutrient dense.

Can i leave my elderberry syrup out?

while it is recommended to refrigerate all syrups, our oxymels are the hardiest in terms of shelf life. it is never safe to leave any syrup in the sun, or near heat, our oxymels can travel nicely and be left at room temps of 60-70 degrees.

Maple Syrups

My maple infusion has gotten crystals in it. how do i get them out?

Maple syrup naturally crystallizes after being left open for a period of time, or after months of shelf life after opening. if your syrup crytallizes you can add a little water to it and heat the bottle in a hot water bath to reliquify the crystals into the water.

My maple infusion has grown mold, is it safe?

Maple syrup left out after opening in temps over 38 degrees F can grow mold on the surface, and in the syrup itself. this syrup can be reheated to 180F and filtered before using.

Can i leave my syrup out?

It is recommended to refrigerate syrup as soon as you are done using it, especially in the summer. never leave syrup in the sunlight

The cap to my Maple syrup has stuck. how do i get it off.

Maple crystals can form along the cap line, threads, and cap itself and as they dry out become like a glue and make cap removal near impossible. if this happens place cap under stream of hot water until it is easy enough to remove by hand. submerging the bottle in boiling water for 20-30 seconds is another option. never use a wrench on a glass bottle.

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