Our flagship product. Wild Branch Elderberry Syrup is super tasty and nutrient packed, Made with Elderberries, Raw Honey, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, combined with Propolis and Turkey Tail Mushroom extracts for complete immune enhancement.


This is great as a tonic, front line anti-viral, and a nourishing drink mixer. We use it daily by the teaspoon or tablespoon, make cocktails and mocktails with it, and even have heard that some folks using it in glazes and reductions. 


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  • Our Elderberry syrup is a traditional oxymel. This means it uses honey and apple cider vinegar as the main mediums for both delivery of the berry juice and tinctures as well as a main function of its preservation. 

    Our oxymels are good for about a year, but should be kept away from heat at all times, and refriegerated after opening to ensure the longest shelf life possible. They are so tasty however that you'll find it hard to keep them for long anyhow.