Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Infused Coconut oil is made with Cherrywine hemp, grown in Vermont, and produced in the Champlain Valley.


This infused coconut oil has full spectrum hemp taste, with deep green color, and contains approx. >200 mg CBD per fl oz.


This oil can be used for everything from creating your own edibles, applied as a moisturizing salve, used sublingually, for oil pulling, and applied as a light spread or accompaniment in your own faire.


Our Hemp Infused Coconut Oils are tested in batches as we produce it, so we can guarantee the CBD content and the presence of less than 0.3% THC. 



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  • Our coconut oils were developed for edible and topical uses and can be used in any fashion you choose. It can be used for cooking, as a dietary supplement, as a massage oil, as an analgesic oil, taken sublingually, used for oil pulling, and for hair and body moisturizing.