We have a true passion for Food.


Our team is dedicated to healthy foods that unlock creative ways to use herbs and mediums together to make new exciting products that taste great and give that extra something to make life more enjoyable. 


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Company Members

We are seeking new members to help us grow a vibrant future together. Currently we are looking for farmers, herbalists, sales people, food production staff, and marketing mavens to join as owners so we can expand our product offerings, farming operations, and widen our sales and marketing reach. We offer sweat equity opportunities, and investment platforms so anyone with drive, passion, experience and determination can get involved and create more awesome jobs and careers. 


  • Ability to be a self starter.

  • 5 years experience in the requisite field

  • 20k minimmum Investment capital or ability to invest equal time or in-kind invesments to help us grow the company

  • 3-5 year commitment


We are seeking progressive thinking investors who would like to see their investment capital be used in ways that are regenerative for the land, animals, and humans and are looking to make a modest Return. We have great investment programs that can allow for future direct or silent ownership, career creation in the company, and receiving our great products at wholesale price as interest on capital invested.  


  • 3-5 year terms.

  • Minimum of 20k for bridge loans, and other creative investment..

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